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Women who feel fashion model Barbie doesn't represent their or their daughters' outdoor lifestyle will get a kick out of Hunter Ann from Creative Outdoor Products Inc., based in Crawfordsville, Ind.

Hunter Ann is an action figure that comes fully equipped for a day in the field. Her long auburn hair is topped with a safety orange cap and her fashion of choice is camouflage clothing, accessorized with a safety orange vest. Ann comes complete with a pair of rubber boots, safety harness, binoculars and rattling antlers. The action figure comes outfitted with a working mini-treestand and a rifle with scope and sling.


If Hunter Ann should need a hunting partner, consider Creative Outdoor Products' original action figure, Hunter Dan. The doll comes outfitted with all kinds of real-looking gear and mirrors the real life hunting equipment boys and girls see their dads and moms carry into the woods.

Hunter Ann is the kind of eye-catching product that lets women know you welcome their business and support their decision to be a part of the shooting community. Yes, it will make people smile to see this doll dressed in camouflage near your cash register, but it also will spark conversation and sales. There are little girls out there learning to hunt who have no interest in Barbie, but who just might view Hunter Ann as a kindred spirit. Plenty of grown women also will purchase Hunter Ann as a statement that women belong in the outdoors.

Contact Creative Outdoors Products Inc. at 1-888-241-HUNT,
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Title Annotation:Arms and the woman
Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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