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The right solution for Solutech.

Solutech, who claim to be the UK's only independent specialist food grade liquid blending contractor, are pleased with their new Spiroflow mobile Bulk Bag Discharger with its integral Flexible Screw Conveyor.

Four years ago, whilst at previous premises, Solutech purchased a Spiroflow Flexible Screw Conveyor in anticipation of a major sugar blending contract. However, the contract did not materialise. Their luck changed last year when they won a contract for several 15 tonne batches of sugar related blends a week. The 'mothballed' conveyor was the obvious choice to load one of the sugar elements into their cavernous heated mixer / dissolver vessel. However, to suit the contract and the layout of their new factory, the conveyor needed to be fed from Bulk Bags (FIBCs) and mounted on a mobile frame so it could be moved after use.

Having approached Spiroflow for assistance, the conveyor was quickly adapted for this new task. Not only do Spiroflow offer mobile versions of their conveyors but Bulk Bags are one of their key products.

The design of the Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger ensures sugar readily discharges from the Bulk Bags. Given that the inlet into the conveyor is a long narrow slot, a spiral agitator has also been supplied. The 67 mm diameter conveyor is almost six meters long and delivers sugar at 3 tonnes per hour. Solutech work two shifts per day and the Spiroflow conveyor operates 5 or 6 hours each shift, 5 days a week.

Every two weeks the Spiroflow conveyor is washed through with water and dried. The operatives in charge of this confirm that the conveyor is easy to clean.

Contact Spiroflow on tel: 01200 422525
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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