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The right material for the rapid prototyping job.

When you think "rapid prototyping" via 3D printing you might think of models that aren't particularly robust, models that are more show than go. But materials and equipment providers are developing materials that are functional as well as attractive. RP materials come in a variety of options from plastics to metals, and they are capable of simulating properties ranging from rubber to tough ABS-grade plastics to transparent materials. With the use of these materials, designers and engineers can manufacture detailed parts and models more quickly and cost-effectively.

According to Oleg Yermanok, corporate applications engineer for Massachusetts-based Objet Inc. (, the company's newest materials tout better stiffness and higher-temperature resistance. Here's a little bit more about what the most recently released materials (the company offers more than 60 total) have to offer:

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Publication:Automotive Design & Production
Date:Mar 1, 2012
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