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The right knife and the right time. (Outdoor Marketplace).

It's likely Buck Knives would have grown and prospered even if the lockblade had not been developed. But there is no question the Model 110 hastened the company's worldwide success.

Not only did the Folding Hunter become the star of the product line overnight, its popularity established the Buck name in the marketplace and boosted sales of other Buck models.

Today, the Model 110 Folder Hunter still ranks in the top five of all Buck knives sold.

Clearly, the Model 110 Folding Hunter established Buck Knives as a world leader in the sports knife industry.

"We hit with the right knife at the right time and place," Chuck said. "If we had introduced the 110 two years earlier, the name 'Buck' would not have been in place. If we had introduced it two years later, the economy would not have supported it. We were fortunate. Our timing was perfect."
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Author:Ables, Tom
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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