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The rhyme and reason of RESET.

The RESET program rebuilds and restores the MKT, transforming it to a like-new condition.

Reasons for RESET

RESET corrects structural damage to the MKT. It also helps to counter the wear and tear that comes with age. Some of the MKTs and their equipment are 30 years old. The current MKTs will be in the field for another 25 years, and there's no new model on the horizon. RESET also replaces outdated equipment on the MKTs with newer gear.

RESET Step-by-Step

In brief, here's what happens to the MKT when it goes through RESET at depot: The depot dismantles the MKT into its major components. That includes M103A3 chassis, platform, ramps, corner posts, cabinets and roof. They then rebuild the MKT on either a new or restored M 103A3 chassis. They install a restored platform, ramps and corner posts that support a new six-vent roof. They also install all structural supports needed for external air transport (helicopter slingload) certification.

Next comes painting, either in green paint, NSN 7360-01-483-8617, or sand, NSN 7360-01-500-4644. The receiving unit specifies the color.

Finally. the depot packs the MKT with new or restored cabinets and the MKT Improvement (MKT-I) Kit.

Points to Ponder

Here are a few other facts you should know about the RESET program:

* Units who submit an MKT for RESET do not receive the same MKT in return.

* RESET raises the MKT to -99 model standards. Depot will attach a new data plate that identifies the equipment as an MKT-99.

* The RESET program funds transportation of MKTs to find from the units.

* If the MKT has gone through RESET in the past, it may not necessarily qualify for RESET again. Contact your U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) LAR. He'll inspect the MKT and decide if it should go through RESET again.

* RESET funding is only for MKTs that have been to SWA.

Submit an MKT for RESET

Whether you're located CONUS or OCONUS, to submit an MKT for RESET, contact your local TACOM LAR. He'll get the ball rolling.

* Karen Kaloostian DSN 256-5228 or (508) 233-5228

* Aaron Gong DSN 256-5641 or (508) 233-5641

* John Oswald DSN 256-6003 or (508) 233-6003
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