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The remodeled remodel.

Not every remodel is a total success. Roughly eight years ago, this little Sacramento farmhouse underwent a front-side remodel that gave the former owners neede floor space but destroyed its charming bunglow character. To restore a bit of the house's original style while creating a new garage and maste suite, designer Brent Smith of Loomis, California, developed the facade you see on the facing page. Current owners Susan and Tim Bloom added a few of their own ideas and did much of the finish work themselves.

Key to the remodel is the new attached two-car garage that ties into the house by repeating the graceful gabled roof line. Adding it eliminated the need for the old garage, which was razed to make room for the master bedroom and bath.

Borrowing from heavily framed Craftsman-era facades, Smith designed an unusual and striking pergola of round wooden poles--used as columns and overhead--to accent and stretch the horizontal plane of the house and better define the entry. He also added a broad, fenced-in entry deck that wraps around one side of the house, and two new gables--one above the existing bay window and one sheltering the front door.

To puntuate the layers of adornment, Smith and the Blooms settled on a bold combination of blue and red stains for the pergola and trim. They also reclad the house in shingles, its orginal exterior.

Inside, they made other startling improvements. The ceiling in the living and dining areas had been lowered to 8 feet when the house underwent its earlier remodeling. The Blooms raised this section 3 feet, increasing the sense of space.

Adding a south-facing sunroom adjoining the living-dining area has improved the house's energy efficiency, while a complete updating of the kitchen on the north side has increased its livability. A glass shed roof above the sink brightens the kitchen and breakfast nook while affording a surprise view of the house's gabled eaves and scrolled brakets.

Back where the old garage was torn down now stands the handsome, high-ceilinged master suite. A bathroom opens to the left of the bedroom doorway. Stairs lead down to the main floor area and into a tiled shower cubicle with an open ceiling. The shower divides the room levels; its two glazed windows look toward the bed and a slightly lower sitting area, where a door leads to a patio off the kitchen. Above the sitting area is a small loft for plant display and a drafting table.
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Date:Jun 1, 1984
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