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The religion/spirituality shelf.

Buddha & Jesus

R. E. Sherman

Author Marketing Experts

PO Box 421156

San Diego, CA 92142

9781461086543, $13.99,

While Hinduism and other eastern faiths are known to the West, only Buddhism has made any significant amount of converts. "Buddha & Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link?" discusses the potential links that Buddhism shares with the western Abrahamic faiths of Christianity and Judaism. Theorizing that a colony of Jews reached India around the time of the Buddha, the exposure to the education of Solomon lead people of the region to take the teachings to heart even if they did not embrace the faith. Drawing parallels between Christ and the Buddha, the unity between the two, and discussing the meeting of philosophies thousands of years ago, "Buddha & Jesus" is an excellent and recommended pick for community library religious collections.

You Are An Exclamation of Love,.

Dane Starland

United Earth Ecclesia

PO Box 1326, Littleton, CO 80217

97814557581015, $14.95

Competing with one another will ultimately bring us all to ruin. "You Are an Exclamation of Love,.: And the Benefits of Becoming a Member of the United Earth Ecclesia" advocates the United Earth Ecclesia, a movement that calls for a greater cooperation throughout the world to work together to protect human interests. With much optimism, "You Are an Exclamation of Love," discusses what many of us would like out of the world.

The Call of Sedona

Ilchi Lee

Best Life

6560 State Route 179, Ste. 114

Sedona, AZ 86351

9781935127482, $16.95,

Serenity is a rare resource in today's growing urban culture. "The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart" is Ilchi Lee's call for spiritual pilgrimage to this region in Arizona. A spiritual travel guide of sorts, Lee explains what he has learned and been inspired by in the town, stating that it helped him find himself and what his heart sought. "The Call of Sedona" is an excellent pick for spirituality and travel collections.

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Title Annotation:Buddha and Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link?; You Are an Exclamation of Love,.: And the Benefits of Becoming a Member of the United Earth Ecclesia; The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart
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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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