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The reductive subgroups of F4.


The reductive subgroups of F4.

Stewart, David I.

American Mathematical Society


88 pages


Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society; 1049


If G=G(K) is a simple algebraic group defined over an algebraically closed field K of characteristic p being zero or more, says Stewart (mathematics, U. of Oxford), then a subgroup X of G is said to be G-completely reducible if, whenever it is contained in a parabolic subgroup of G, it is contained in a Levi subgroup of that parabolic. He considers the case G=F4(K) and finds amongst its classifications infinite varieties of subgroups X of G that are maximal among all reductive subgroups of G but not maximal subgroups of G, and therefore not contained in any reductive maximal subgroup of G. There is no index.

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Date:Jun 1, 2013
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