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Byline: By Samantha Booth

VIBRATIONAL healer and shamanic practitioner Allison D'Analeze believes she offers a unique experience to Scots looking for solutions to life's problems.

Those who come to her for healing are treated to a combination of therapies, spirituality and mediumship.

Allison has all kinds of people looking for her help, from cancer patients and transplant recipients to stressed businessmen and worn out housewives.

Allison said "I am developing a new method of healing which produces wonderful results.

"Although I do have a lot of clients who have serious illnesses, healing can benefit everyone, even if you are healthy.

"I am also delighted this method of healing is producing great results with women who have tried IVF. Two women are now pregnant and a third has given birth to a beautiful baby boy."

With her skills, you would think Allison has always been a healer, but that's not the case.

As a child she remembers having a sixth sense but it wasn't until seven years ago she discovered she had a gift.

She said: "I had an interview and the interviewer me asked me if I knew I was a healer. I had no idea, but from there I decided if that was the case then I should really do something about it.

"I spent three years training in Reiki, eventually becoming a Reiki Master, which gives the perfect foundation for other kinds of healing. Then I trained in other therapies."

Allison studied Metamorphic Technique, a type of head, hand and foot massage used in hospitals in Ireland to help children with learning difficulties.

She has also since become attuned to dolphin energy, which allows her to draw on healing powers. Allison has also studied crystal healing, reflexology and breathwork amongst others.

During a healing session she also uses visualisation and meditation techniques and sometimes receives mediumship messages for her client, although she always asks beforehand if her client would like to hear them.

Intrigued and fascinated I decided the only real way to appreciate just what Allison does is to have a healing myself.

After the usual questions about medical history and the not so usual enquiry into if I wanted to hear any messages from the other side, Allison had me lying down fully clothed, tucked up cosily under a blanket.

She then placed crystals on my body's chakras, chimed a bell and set to work.

The instant she laid hands on my head I could feel energy pulsing through my body.

But this was no soothing heat as I have experienced before from Reiki, this was a pulsing, warm throbbing.

Allison's tranquil voice then asked me to take three deep breaths and imagine a relaxing colourful mist working its way up my body from my toes to my head, helping every muscle to relax.

As the energy continued to pump through me, she asked me to imagine entering a crystal temple where I was bathed in light from a huge crystal.

By this point I was deeply relaxed and on the verge of experiencing one of the most intensely relaxing and energising experiences of my life.

Over the next 45 minutes, Allison worked her way down my body, but all I was aware of was the changing sensation of the warm pulsing energy.

When Allison finally brought the healing to an end I was so relaxed I could barely lift my limb s, but moments later I realised I felt totally re-energised.

Allison said: "It really is incredibly powerful and the best thing of all is that it can never do any harm.

"It will help you completely relax for an hour and let your body recharge. An hour of healing, many believe, is the equivalent of four or more hours sleep."

To find out more, contact Allison on 07751850442 or e-mail her at

'When Allison brought the healing to an end, I was so relaxed I could barely lift my limbs, but moments later I felt totally re-energised. It was one of the most relaxing and energising experiences of my life'
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 21, 2006

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