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The real Swank diet.

Contrary to Judi Hasson's "Is There an MS Diet" (Fall 2008), the Swank diet does not ban "all dairy products, glutens (found in wheat), legumes (meaning beans and peas) and virtually all saturated fat from animal sources." This is simply inaccurate. The Swank diet allows 15 grams of saturated fat from animal sources each day.


Your writer obviously never bothered to read the book written by Dr. Swank or even visit the Web site of the Swank Foundation, which has a description of the diet. Dr. Swank developed an excellent low-fat, well-balanced diet for MS patients that includes dairy products, glutens and legumes.

Rebecca Hoover, via e-mail

Momentum regrets the misinformation. According to swankms, "saturated fat should not exceed 15 grams per day; unsaturated fat (oils) should be kept to 20-50 grams per day; no red meat is allowed for the first year; after the first year, 3 oz. of red meat is allowed once per week; dairy products must contain 1 % or less butterfat unless otherwise noted; all processed foods containing saturated fat are forbidden" Readers who want details should consult the Swank Web site.

According to the MS International Foundation's Medical Management Committee, "The Swank diet is an inexpensive and relatively safe dietary approach that has produced suggestive results in a limited MS clinical study. Due to the inadequacies of the Swank diet clinical trial, definitive conclusions cannot be made about the safety or effectiveness of this diet in people with MS. Further study of the Swank diet is needed"--The Editor

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Date:Dec 22, 2008
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