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IN their skin-tight mini-skirts and high-heels, these five professional women are dressed to kill for...a day's work in their top jobs. With plenty of leg on show and tops revealing their curvy assets, they are proud to flaunt their bodies. They are the real-life Erin Brockovich girls. In the movie, based on a true story, legal assistant Erin is dubbed a bimbo because of the clothes she wears. But she uses her saucy appearance to get gull-ible men to help her win a multi-million pound lawsuit. These girls believe that just because they have demanding jobs it doesn't mean they have to dress down. A lawyer, teacher, accountant, civil servant and criminologist, they tell OLIVIA BUXTON how their high-flying careers are helped by their equally high hemlines... THE LAWYER: ALICE Brown, 27, lives in East Finchley, North London, and works for a law firm which specialises in family law. Alice, who dumped her boyfriend Ian because he didn't like the way she dresses, says:

IN the past I've had stick from other lawyers about my mini-skirts and low-cut tops but it hasn't stopped me wearing them.

The older married men are the worst because they treat me like a sex object and forget that I do have a brain.

I have eleven GCSEs and three A-Levels, all at A and B grades and a first-class degree in law.

The fact I like wearing sexy clothes is totally up to me. It does not make me any less clever.

I feel really empowered wearing them. If anything it helps me handle clients and feel in control. A male colleague once brushed up against me when I was standing at the photocopier but I went mad at him and he didn't do it again.

I always wear sexy lingerie under my skirt suit because it makes me feel really sexy.

But my ex-boyfriend Ian hated the way I dressed and I finished it when I got fed up with him telling me to cover up. Our relationship lasted for six months and at first we had a great sex life making love every night of the week.

Sex with him was always spontaneous and I loved it when he initiated sex which took me by surprise.

I could be watching TV in the lounge when he'd grab me, rip my clothes off and make love to me there and then.

But it gradually deteriorated when his jealous nature ruined the trust between us. He hated me dressing up nicely for work.

He thought it was provocative but I didn't think it was any of his business. I never considered toning it down because I wouldn't have been true to myself.

It reached the point that whenever he tried to touch me in bed, I'd turn and roll over. His jealousy ruined our relationship.

But the experience didn't put me off dressing for myself.

I feel so confident and in my job that is vital.THE ACCOUNTANTSandy Jenkins, 24, has worked as an accountant for the past three years for an IT consultancy in the City of London. Sandy, who lives with boyfriend, John Simmons, 27, a sales manager in Alperton, Middlesex, says:

I'm not afraid to flaunt my sexuality at work and I don't care what anyone thinks of how I dress. My office is stuffy and formal and I work with six other people, five men, all over 50, and one middle-aged woman who is in her late forties.

I know the men love my tight- fitting tops and short skirts because their eyes are out on stalks whenever I walk past.

Every morning I choose my outfit carefully and always wear a push-up bra with a low-cut top to accentuate my cleavage and a short skirt.

The other woman in the office doesn't appreciate my dress sense and often gives me disapproving looks. But I don't care what she thinks - she's probably jealous because she couldn't pull it off because she's too old. I think she's insecure because I get all the attention and help if I have a problem. But no-one has ever tried to make a pass at me and if they did I'd rebuff their advances.

Some men in the office might secretly think my dress sense is over the top. But I dress for my own self-esteem and, feeling confident, I can tackle any problem that comes my way.

My boyfriend often meets me in my lunch hour and says I look so sexy in my short skirt, he can't wait to get home and make love. Once, I was cooking the dinner when he got in from work and pushed me against the kitchen sink.

Then he began to kiss the back of my neck while running his hands over my stockings and undoing my skirt. Within minutes we started to make love. It was frenzied, lust-fuelled sex and although it was over quickly, it really turned us both on.

I'll never tone down my dress sense because it definitely spices up my sex life.THE CRIMINOLOGISTANGELA Taylor, 25, is a self-employed criminologist - finding out what motivates crooks. She has been with her boyfriend Paul Johnson, 29, a recruitment consultant, for six months. Angela, of Lincoln, says:

MANY women in my profession wouldn't dare to dress the way I do but I find it helps. I have to visit prisoners to work out why they committed the crime and then do a report.

I never fail to attract attention and the prisoners often wolf-whistle and I find it flattering. I do dress provocatively in leather skirts, low cut tops with no bra and high-heeled shoes or boots.

But it makes me feel more confident and sexy about myself and enables me to handle the prisoners better.

I also find the men I deal with are more likely to trust a sexy young woman than a man in a pin-striped suit.

Some might think they're just looking at me as a bit of totty but I think they see the real me beyond that. The police and prison services have a very macho culture and some prison officers have been very dismissive of me.

But I get my own back by getting on better with the prisoners than they do.

I am manipulating the prisoners to a certain extent but if I can do that by the way I dress, so much the better.

My current boyfriend doesn't care what I wear to work and he actually encourages me to dress up.

When I get home from work I feel so good I often seduce him by performing a sexy striptease.

One night recently I sat him down on the bed then paced up and down the room peeling my top and tights off.

It drove him wild and we made love for hours in various positions.

It is good to feel sexy and the clothes I wear for work make me feel good. I've no need to dress down. I've had a few cheeky comments from police officers who've said: "Did you forget to get dressed today love?" but I just shrug it off. As they say: If you've got it - flaunt it. THE CIVIL SERVANT: Regina Sacchocio, a 30-year-old civil servant, works for the Department of Employment dealing with unemployment benefit claims. Regina, of Nottingham, who isn't dating anyone at the moment, says:

My job can be really dull and tedious, so my way of relieving the boredom is to dress up in sexy clothes. Everyone else in my office is really restrained and conforms to the stereotypical image of stuffy civil servants by wearing unflattering, shapeless grey suits.

I'm totally different and love to wear tight, figure-hugging clothes like leggings and even catsuits to accentuate my figure.

I'm proud of my body and I won't cover it up. I work hard to keep it in good shape and I don't see any reason why I should hide it.

I've always felt like this.

I can tell my women bosses don't like the way I look because I've seen it in their faces - but they have never dared say anything. Once, though, I was wearing a tight pair of trousers and I heard one snigger and say: "Those trousers look so tight they could have been spray-painted on."

I pretended I hadn't heard and five minutes later a guy in the office commented on how nice I looked.

That gave me a real lift and I knew that I had far more influence there than even my boss because men were attracted to me.

I held my head high when I walked past my boss for the rest of the day.

Women should be able to wear what they want in today's workplace where men and women are equals.

I don't feel that I have to prove myself because my work is up to scratch and there are never any complaints.

Dressing scantily doesn't mean you are any less intelligent or ill-equipped to do your job. It just means you are good at your job and happen to have a good body too. THE TEACHER: OLIVIA Smith, 21, is a piano teacher at a private school for boys and girls aged between 14 and 18. Olivia, who lives in Basildon, Essex, and is single, says:

I'M very flamboyant because of my Latin roots - I'm half Italian - and love to dress in skimpy and loud outfits.

I used to wear jeans or combats but as I've got older and grown with confidence my outfits have become more outrageous.

But I do worry about giving the wrong impression to my pupils and I try to ensure that my skirts aren't too short.

Many of my pupils are impressionable teenage boys and I don't want them to get the wrong idea.

Once I was giving a 14-year-old boy piano lessons when I realised he wasn't concentrating on a word I was saying because of my micro-skirt.

He kept looking at my legs when he should have been looking at the keyboard. I had to tell him to pay attention.

Afterwards I did look at my skirt and think it was too short and I haven't worn one as skimpy since.

But I refuse to cover up in trousers because my legs are long and slender and they're my best asset.

So I still wear skirts but they're not around my waist although they are always above the knee.

Men constantly come up to me in the street and say how sexy I look.

I even had one guy proposition me for sex but I turned him down flat. I like men who are forward but not that forward.

Some women might feel uncomfortable dressing in next-to-nothing like I do but I love the attention and revel in it.

My winning outfit is a short snakeskin skirt with a matching daringly-low top and stilettos.

Whenever I wear that outfit out I have men falling at my feet.

At work one day I changed into that outfit because I was going on to a club after the lesson.

All the pupils' mouths dropped open in amazement. But that's me.
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Date:Apr 23, 2000
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