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The quiz.

Test your NOTAM know how.

1. You see a NOTAM that says, "Aerodrome closed due to WIP ..." Why is this airport closed?

a. There's work in progress that somehow makes the airport unusable.

b. Water has inundated the property.

c. Exceptionally high winds in proximity to the airport.

d. It's a typo. Should say VIP, and it means the airport is on an election stop.

2. It's 1030 Zulu on July 11, 2012, and you're heading out for your favorite breakfast jump to a nearby field. During a quick check of weather and NOTAMs, you see this for your destination: "AIRSPACE AIRSHOW ACFT 5000/BLW 5 NMR AIRPORT AVOIDANCE ADZD WEF 1207111000-1207111200." It'll take 45 minutes to get to the destination airport and land. Does this NOTAM ruin your plans?

a. Yes. The airspace will be closed by the time you get there.

b. No. The NOTAM will no longer be in effect by the time you arrive.

c. Maybe. It will be in effect, but you can ignore this kind of NOTAM (at your own risk).

d. Trick question. This NOTAM is a full year out of date "120711" is the 12th of July, 2011.

3. What does this NOTAM tell you about coming into Burlington, V.T., between 0800-2300? "... CCSA HRS 08002300 DLY"

a. The Class C surface area is in effect.

b. Communications service (RCO) is available.

c. Customs service is available.

d. There's a farmer's market (CSA) on the airport that day.

4. True or False: All NOTAMs are in local time for the airport in question (8 a.m. to 11 p.m. in question 3).

5. When does the runway closure happen for this airport? "RWY 3/21 CLSD WIE"

a. Weekdays

b. Weekends

c. "With intermittent effect". (So you have to ask Tower or look for temporary Xs on the runway ends.)

d. Immediately and until further notice

6. When a NOTAM says that a runway threshold is displaced, that means:

a. You might have it available for takeoff (depending on the markings) and it could be used for aircraft overrun.

b. That section of runway is not available for takeoff but is available for landing.

c. That section of runway may not be used under any circumstances.

d. You don't know because NOTAMs are hied by airport managers, who might not even use the right terminology.

7. Sure, it's summer now, but that means it's just that much less time until next winter. Which of these winter NOTAM contractions should be of greatest concern, BRAF, BRAG, BRAN or BRAP?

a. BRAG, because ragged snowbanks can catch a low-wing pilot by surprise.

b. BRAN, because the runway is only so long.

c. BRAF, because plowing must be requested on the aerodrome frequency.

d. BRAP, because it's the sound a pilot makes after too much bran (which makes some guys brag, or at least chuckle).

1. a. WIP for "work in progress." One thing to realize about an airport closed for work is that it's possible the airport will reopen earlier than expected. If you're changing your plans to land somewhere nearby instead, it may be worth checking as you get close to see if your preferred airport has reopened. The same is true of simple closed runways.

2. c. The NOTAM is in effect. The "with effect from" (WEF) is 1207111000-1207111200, which decodes as 2012 July 111000 GMT to 2012 July 111200 GMT. You'll be getting there about 1115 GMT, so it'll be in effect. However, the avoidance is ADZD, which means advised. You're likely to see this "optional" NO-TAM for airshow practice with lower-speed aircraft.

3. a. The Class C surface area would be in effect during these hours. What does this mean, practically speaking? Uh, probably not much to most of us. About the only time it might matter is if the Tower is closed (no Class D) and you thought you needed a Special VFR clearance to get into the field. Without effect, you might

4. False. They are in Zulu time.

5. d. WIE means "with immediate effect," or effective immediately. There's no WEF with these NOTAMs because they are live the moment they are issued and remain valid until deleted.

6. d. Yes, yes, we know there are technical definitions of displaced, unusable, closed, etc. The point is that some NOTAMs are filed by airport managers who they might not be quite so keen on proper terminology as you are. Take this ASRS report (NASA form) made by a pilot who saw a NOTAM saying the runway threshold was displaced by 150 feet: "When I landed at the airport, there was a four-foot ditch across the runway, making the last 150 feet closed--not displaced."

7. b. BRA is short for "braking action" and the last letter is the value. So BRAG, BRAF, BRAP and BRAN are braking action good, fair, poor and nil. Land on a BRAN runway a bit too long or fast and the lack of braking action could turn into the reality of breaking action. As for what guys brag about, well, no male is all that far from his inner eight-year-old.

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