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The quiet canary.

The Quiet Canary

Last week, we whispered that Melvyn Bell might not open Dogpatch USA, the theme park he owns near Harrison.

A day later, Lynn Spradley, Dogpatch's general manager, told the Gazette all was well and he couldn't "wait to sing like a canary" of the park's opening.

Spradley suggested there were big plans in store for the park and he would have "positive news on Wednesday."

We called him Thursday, and he didn't have positive news. He didn't have negative news, either. In fact, he had no news.

"I can't comment yet," Spradley said.

We pressed him.

"I can't comment on anything."

If not now, when?

"I really don't know when that might be."

The word from Harrison is that if Dogpatch opens at all this year, it will be as a scaled-down arts and crafts park. Bell apparently has already sold some of the major rides.
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Title Annotation:opening of theme park Dogpatch USA
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Feb 11, 1991
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