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The punch line: welcome to your fiercest, feistiest workout yet--boxer braids optional.

Boxing is a tabata-style workout, meaning you'll do each round for four minutes, alternating between 20 seconds of intense exercise and 10 seconds of active rest (stay in fighter's stance with your fists raised just under your chin and bounce back and forth on your toes to keep your heart rate up).

Dasha recommends warming up with 5 to 10 minutes of light cardio (like jumping rope), then doing the following core circuit 3 to 5 times a week in addition to full-body strength workouts for all-over toning.


1. Stand with feet hip distance apart. If you're a righty, your left leg should be slightly forward with your right leg back. Lefty? Your right leg should be slightly forward, left leg back.

2. Hold your fists in fighter's stance and kick straight out as high as you can (aim for somewhere between hip and chest height) with your front leg leading with your heel.

3. Lower back to the starting position, then repeat on the same leg for the entire 20 seconds. Switch legs for the next interval and continue alternating for the rest of the 4-minute round.


1. With your feet hip width apart, stand with your fists by your face.

2. Punch your left fist straight forward (don't lock your elbow).

3. As you bring your left arm back, immediately repeat the motion with your right fist. Throw punches as quickly as you can (while still maintaining good form!) in a left-right, left-right rhythm throughout the 20-second interval.

Dasha says:

"To really work your core, drop into plank position for 1 minute between each tabata round."

A. Repeat for 4 minutes before moving to the next round.


1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Hold your fists in front of your chest.

2. Put your hands behind your neck, elbows wide, then use your abs to lift your chest and shoulders up to your knees.

3. At the top of the situp, throw a left-right punch then slowly lower back down.

4. Do as many as possible in the 20-second high-intensity intervals (resting in between on your back) until your 4 minutes is up.


1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

2. Squat down until you are parallel to the ground, keeping your knees above your ankles. Then, use your core to jump up, extending your arms toward the sky.

3. When you land, immediately return to a squat position (that's 1 rep). Repeat for 20 seconds, then rest for 10. Continue this pattern for 4 minutes.


1. Get in pushup position (wrists directly under your shoulders and abs tight).

2. Slowly lower your bod while counting to 10, then push back up at the same 10-count pace (this is known as a "time under tension" exercise).

3. Complete as many repetitions as possible in each 20-second high-intensity interval for the full 4 minutes.


Gloves on!

Pack your bag (and a punch) with these musts


Ding, ding, ding! Lately it seems like all of our favorite fitspo girls, from Gigi to Jourdan, have been prepping for the runway in the ring. And with boxing studios popping up all across the country, this killer workout is quickly becoming as popular as the supermodels who swear by it.

GL teamed up with former Miss Teen USA trainer and boxer babe DashaLibin Anderson to teach you *exactly* how to fight like a girl. Follow Dasha's kick-butt cardio routine to bob and weave your way to knockout strength and punching bag or heavy equipment required.



+ Proper form is key--so watch the tutorial at to get the basics down before you begin to increase intensity.

+ Want to destress while you tone up? As you're punching, visualize something that gets on your nerves--like your geometry homework.

+ Don't forget to breathe! A good rule of thumb? Dasha says to exhale sharply through your mouth with each punch.
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