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The psychiatry of stroke, 2d ed.


The psychiatry of stroke, 2d ed.

Birkett, D. Peter.

Haworth Press


408 pages




Because patients should be treated for all aspects of their condition, Practitioner Birkett focuses on clinical psychiatric care but also covers he neurological, geriatric, psychological and sociological aspects of treatment for stroke. He describes diagnosis, risk factors, localization of mental functions, and relevant pharmacology, then concentrates on psychiatric syndromes that may occur in association with the stroke, including dysfunction in speaking and understanding, seeing, believing and trusting, hurting, touching and feeling, and sex, along with such conditions as apathy and failure to rehabilitate, anger and violence, lack of inhibitions, paranoia and elusions, depression, anxiety, and dementia. He describes the process of recovery, the impact on the family, the work of the treatment team and other caregivers, legal and ethical considerations and costs. This accessible enough to serve those who have survived a stroke and their families.

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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