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The proper care of circular saw blades.

1. An important safeguard in protecting blades is to always use the proper type of shipping container, Be sure that the blades rub against one another, or you are likely to get chipping. It is recommend that heavy cardboard be used or two pieces of inexpensive Luaun plywood with a bolt through them to create a small container.

2. Make sure to match the blade to the application. You don't want to cut plastic with a blade designed for wood--the blade can easily get damaged.

3. Blades should be hung on their own hooks from pegboard or stored individually in a drawer or box to prevent them from rubbing.

4. Avoid excessive moisture or humidity. Otherwise, the blades may rust and/or pit.

5. Keeping circular saw blades clean is important for maintaining good performance. Accumulated pitch, sap, and other materials may dull the blade, require more push-through force, and generate increased levels of heat through friction.

6. Never rest circular saw blades on steel or cement surfaces. Metal on metal or metal on cement can dull the blade by chipping the top grind. Instead, it's better to set the blade down on plywood or plastic.

7. It's important to avoid overheating the blade by keeping it too low when cutting hardwood. This can create a thermal crack in the carbide, causing tip fragments to fly backward to possibly injure the operator.

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Comment:The proper care of circular saw blades.(Cutting & Grinding)
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Date:Mar 1, 2013
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