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The promotional material.

Each year, the NCW Team chooses an assortment of promotional items to distribute to NCW and other outreach coordinators to assist them in their chemistry shows, displays or other events. Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research has been a major supporter producing pocket periodic table cards that are distributed to universities, high schools, and the general public. The following letter shows how the NCW program has worked in Canadian schools:

To whom it may concern:

I am a chemistry teacher at Don Bosco Catholic School in Toronto, ON. In previous years, a program co-sponsored by the Canadian Society for Chemistry during National Chemistry Week has allowed me to give students laminated business-sized periodic tables.

I was unaware that this program was so successful until a number of my students returned this year to inform me that they had become interested in pursuing a career in chemistry because of my efforts to give them that they described as "the little extras" that helped them to become successful chemists. One of the reasons I had done this for my students was become one of my teachers had done it for me. To this day I still carry that laminated periodic table in my breast pocket. It not only serve as a fond memory and a right of passage, but also reminds my students of the importance of such a small piece of paper. They are always amazed has much information can be collected in such a small space.


Michael Dawson

Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School

For a complete list of promotional items available, visit

The material above is just a small summary of events that took place across the country for National Chemistry Week 2003. For details on other events as well as additional information about the program and educational material available, please visit the Web site at
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Title Annotation:National Chemistry Week
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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