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The problem of prostate cancer.

Cancer of the prostate gland is similar to cancer of the mammary glands in many ways, but they are worlds apart in the way the public hears about them. Celebrity women write about their breast cancers all the time; when was the last time you read the case history of a male celebrity telling of his prostate cancer?

There is a window of time when men's prostate cancers are already detectable, before they spread to the spine, the scarum, and more distant parts. Prudent males will catch their cancers then.

After age 40, men should treat themselves to a digital rectal exam every year, and women who care a lot about their husbands should see that their husbands have an ultrasound of their prostates periodically to make sure nothing is going wrong.

Testing the blood for elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA) is beginning to be used along with the above tests as another way to help determine whether there might be a problem. PSA is an organ-specific market that, because of greater sensitivity and specificity for prostate tissue, is a valuable tumor marker. PSA levels are normally used after prostate surgery to determine whether any tumor tissue remains after treatment.
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Title Annotation:benefits of early diagnosis
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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