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The priest, the farmer's wife and the engineer?

The Priest, the Farmer's Wife and the Engineer?

In 1791, the Revolution brought a rebel priest to Normandy - to be exact, to the village of Camembert - where he went into hiding at a farm, the home of Marie Harel. She listened to his advice on cheese-making and the result was 'Cambembert'.

At that time the cheese did not travel well, since it was packed on a bed of straw in wooden trays - clayettes. A century later, the engineer Ridel opened new doors by designing the chipwood box which allowed it to be sent over long distances without problem.

Camembert soon had many imitators. The Assemblee Generale Constitutive du Syndicat des Veritables Camemberts de Normandie was therefore formed in 1909 to defend the illustrious cheese, by defining it as follows:

"Normandy Camembert is a soft cheese, spontaneously drained, neither cooked, pressed or mixed, with unbroken curd, lightly salted, with bloomy rind, round in shape, with a maximum weight of 350g and a maximum diameter of 10 to 11cm, containing at least 40% fat, and made from pure Normandy milk."

In 1983, Camembert received its seal of approval when it was awarded the 'Appellation d'Origine Controlee'.

September 27th, 1991, saw the celebration of the bicentenary of Camembert cheese, marked by a luncheon at the Meridian Hotel, Piccadilly. The event was hosted by Pierre Androuet, master cheese-maker and owner of the renowned Maison Androuet in Paris, the 'temple' of cheese in France.
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Title Annotation:history and development of Camembert cheese
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Nov 1, 1991
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