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The president's challenge.

Test Yourself!

This year, kids at the Fitness Farm can take the President's Challenge to see if they're in shape. You'll be able to challenge the latest fitness standards in these exercises: curl-ups, the one mile run/walk, pull-ups, the V-sit reach, and the shuttle run. If you match or beat the standards in all five events, you could earn a presidential certificate of achievement! Ask your physical education teacher for the qualifying standards in your age group.

One Mile Run/Walk

Can you complete a mile run/walk within the official time limits?


Measure your abdominal strength by seeing how many curl-ups you can perform in one minute.


You can judge your upper body strength by trying our pull-up event. You'll use an overhand grasp (palms facing away from the body) to see how many times you can pull yourself up and get your chin above the crossbar.

V-Sit Reach

Test your flexibility by sitting on the floor with your heels eight to twelve inches apart, and then leaning forward with your legs straight to see how far beyond your heels you can touch.

Shuttle Run

Run from the starting line to another line 30 feet way twice, grab a small block and run with it back to the starting line. Without stopping you'll put the block down and then run back to the second line, where you'll pick up a second block and run with it back across the starting line. We'll time you to see how fast you can make it.
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Title Annotation:new event that is part of the Tulip Time Scholarship Races evaluates how well students meet the requirements of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award
Publication:U.S. Kids
Date:Mar 1, 1996
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