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The present scientific research sought to explore possible connections between artistic and psychological experiences.

The dip art (marbleized paper) experience was designed to specifically explore the connections between brief art activities, stress and sense of self. Such art activities potentially foster creativity and artistic self-esteem in non-traditional artists. The art activity consists of a mixture of oil paint and mineral spirits, poured into water, lending to organic and ambiguous shapes that can be lifted from the water, by pulling paper across them.

It is not the outcome, but the process of creating artwork that may lead to stress-reduction and self-empowerment, potentially boosting self-esteem. Recognizing beauty and potential in ambiguity of the dip art may reflect back on participant's own self-analysis and self-identity. After IRB (Human Subjects) approval participants' completed informed consents and brief questions related to stress and sense of self before and after a brief art activity. Statistical analysis revealed significant reduction in reported stress and improvement in sense of self. Participants did not report statistically significant changes in how they dealt with stress or in their reported self-esteem. The present research revealed statistically significantly relationships between participating in brief art activities and reported reductions in feelings of stress and negative self evaluation. These results reveal a potential means of employing art to reduce stress and improve self-worth.

* Hedges, A. and M.D. Van Leeuwen. William Woods University.
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Title Annotation:Social and Behavorial Sciences, Collegiate Division
Author:Aruguete, Mara
Publication:Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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