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The poor man's madness..!

THE thin, half starved, puny slum dweller, smiled with happiness as he stood near his fallen hut, where he watched his little sick son vomiting into the nearby gutter. 'How is it you are happy?' I asked, 'though you are still staying in a slum and not staying in a tenement which the government promised to you at the last election.'

'I am happy that India has sent a rocket to Mars,' said the slum dweller, as his malnourished wife came out and tried to scrape the last grain of rice from an already empty vessel. 'You must be missing the subsidized rice that was to be given to you at dirt cheap rates,' I said. 'I am a Hindu,' said the slum dweller, 'and this is a Hindu country, it is good to see that the government is being harsh with the minorities.'

'Your child is vomiting blood,' I said in horror. 'The temple should be built, not the masjid!' said the slum dweller grinning from ear to ear. 'I am glad the government is encouraging us to kill these infidels!' 'Are you able to afford rice and vegetables now that the prices have all gone up?' I asked.

'The National Anthem' is being sung in schools, theatres, and all over' said the sum dweller clapping his hands gleefully. 'Only a committed government could have brought this about.' 'I have heard that you have been unemployed for the last two years,' I said, 'Does it anger you that the government cannot provide jobs for you?'

'I will protest against any cultural activity which goes against our Indian culture,' said the slum dweller smiling, 'especially anything to do with our woman folk being defiled. I support this love jihad, and want mobile phones to be kept away from them!'

We watched as his little daughter came out of his hut, in her torn rags, followed by a screaming mother with hardly any blouse to cover her shrunken breasts. 'Will you be voting this same party to power in the next elections,?' I asked.

'What a city?' said the slum dweller happily, 'so many flyovers, so many bridges, so many projects. Ha, ha, ha.......'I watched as two orderlies with a stretcher carried him away to a waiting ambulance. I heard him coughing and groaning, and then he turned to me and said, ' Demonetisation should be done every year..!

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Dec 9, 2017
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