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The pool was remote, the concrete cracked. Their solution? This three-level deck.

Angling away from the rear of a Sacramento house, this three-level deck creates both intimate and expansive entertaining areas and widens to surround an existing areas and widens to surround an existing pool. The deck starts near a family room at one corner of the house, steps up to a center section near the living room, then drops down to the level of the pool.

Before the remodel, the pool seemed to sit off in a corner of the garden, with one side angling toward the house. Architect Steven Goldstein emphasized the angle as a design element by running all of the 2-by-6 decking in the same direction.

Benches with built-in storage compartments define the outside edge of the center section. Close to the house, a trellis shades the living room sliding glass doors.

Adjacent to the house, the deck has a standard post-and-beam foundation. The deck around the pool covers the existing concrete surround. After it wa stained, the decking was treated with a clear, water-repellent sealer.
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Date:Jun 1, 1985
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