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The perils of social media.

THE problems with social media are now well-known with every idiot now able to give his or her two pennyworth on the great issues of the day.

Anyone who offers any kind of public profile is fair game whether it's a pub landlord, restaurant owner or, as The Times revealed this week, the owner of a stately home.

The next was being and disparaged 'know-journalist' In an entertaining article, William Cash the owner of Upton Cressett Hall, Shropshire, revealed the full horror of allowing the public through his doors helped by such websites as TripAdvisor.

He tells how he had to eject a 30-strong party from the Worcester Townswomen's Guild three years ago after some of the members allegedly behaved rudely towards him.

He says although he now grits his teeth when he sees someone taking out their notebook, the occasional controversy is often helpful as his alleged rudeness becomes a selling point, with punters wanting to see for themselves this modern day Basil Fawlty in action.

thing I knew I lambasted as a nothing One post on TripAdvisor he writes said he "needed to learn some manners while another criticised my temper. 'Mr Cash ... has a very short fuse," she wrote. Oddly the local media furore greatly increased numbers for the rest of the season."

Paul Wood, who runs The Keys restaurant under the vaults of St Peter's Church in the town centre is another 'victim' of this type of thing. He is a great character but occasionally his sense of humour gets him into trouble.

A party of vegetarians turned up and demanded to know what was on the menu for them. He joked: "Vegetarians? Get the hell out of here!" Needless to say they failed to see the funny side of his comment and soon it was all over TripAdvisor.

I know how these things work. I once wrote a sad story about a man who shot his dog and himself. I asked the police what type of dog it was and thought no more of it.

The next thing I knew I was being lambasted for getting the dog's type wrong and disparaged as a 'knownothing journalist'!

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The next thing I knew I

was being lambasted

and disparaged as a



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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Nov 5, 2016
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