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The perils of ordering contact lenses online.

Dear OT,

I recently saw in clinic a Marfans syndrome patient (not in the flush of youth) who had recently had a lensectomy. Not surprisingly this had caused issues with her contact lenses.

The patient was unhappy at the length of time she had to wait for the appointment (six weeks post op) and had purchased several sets of contact lenses on the internet.

When enquiring what prescription she had used, the response was that her prescription was similar to her daughter's and she had purchased from reputable sites.

This may not be particularly unusual were it not for the fact that her Ks were just south of 9.00 and the Rx was +16.50 and +22.50.

Needless to say none of the lenses bought in this manner worked. After nearly 40 years in the job I can still be surprised.

Optometrist, Coventry
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Publication:Optometry Today
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 15, 2013
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