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The pension fund's hole.

Aleksandra Filipovska comments for Dnevnik that the biggest problem is the hole in the pension fund which grows constantly. Therefore, experts pose the question - how will it be patched up? The loans from the state budget have become customary. Some 23 million euro was taken out from the budget last year only to not question the regular payment of pensions. The auditing proposes measures to be undertaken so that the pension system and its reform of many years do not collapse, experts propose unpopular measures whereas nobody in Macedonia has the intention to undertake concrete steps. The question is - how much longer will this go on for? The Government made it clear that it does not plan to increase the age limit for retirement or the contribution rate but a solution for the hole in the fund must be found immediately since it draws hundreds of millions of euro from the state budget every year, says Filipovska.
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Author:Filipovska, Aleksandra
Publication:Opinion Piece in Macedonian Press
Date:Oct 20, 2011
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