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The parent's guide to WWF: 40 things you never knew about WWF.

13. More than a million people visit the WWF website each month.

14. Top woman wrestler Chyna has admitted her breasts aren't real. She says: "Mine cost $6,000. They're worth it. I look at them as a real estate investment. I could sell them on Baywatch for so much more."

15. Even big-name sports stars can't resist WWF. Mike Tyson was paid a reported pounds 1.8 million to appear as a "special enforcer".

16. Wrestler Scott Steiner claims to have the world's largest biceps at 26 inches. Which could explain his nickname - Big Poppa Pump.

17. In an interview with Playboy Magazine Vince McMahon claimed his stepfather Leo Lupton used to beat his mother Vickie then attack him when he tried to protect her. "It is unfortunate that he died before I could kill him," McMahon said. "I would have enjoyed that."

18. McMahon suffered at school because he was dyslexic.

19. Like Margaret Thatcher, he exists on just four hours sleep a night. Unlike her, he admits to at least 10 cups of coffee per day.

20. Wrestler Kane reads at least one book a week while on the road. His favourite authors are Stephen King and Thomas Wolfe.

21. Current Intercontinental and European Champion Kurt Angle won an Olympic Gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the summer games in Atlanta in 1996. Many amateur wrestling fans felt betrayed when he joined WWF.

22. The whole WWF operation is masterminded from a slick black glass fortress of an office building that flies a corporate flag on its roof in Stamford, Connecticut.

23. Female wrestler Kat (Stacy Carter) was the first female star to go topless at an NWA event when her shirt was ripped off.

24. Cashing in on the popularity of reality TV, the WWF is planning a weekly show called Manhunt, where bounty hunters track their prey using lasers and traps.

25. Chyna (Joanie Laurer) plays the cello and violin and sings opera. She was once a secret service agent - albeit behind a desk.

26. Paul Wright - The Big Show - was arrested after his first kiss: "We were at a roller-skating rink. I was 12, she was 11. I looked so grown up - I was 6ft 2in - and a cop thought I was a pervert."

27. Trish Stratus - Vince McMahon's current love-interest in the WWF storyline - started as a fitness model for Muscle Magazine in Toronto.

28. The first Royal Rumble was a flop when shown at a house show in St Louis, Missouri in 1987.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 29, 2001
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