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The paper trail.

In January, State Magazine launched an ambitious plan to update our entire print distribution list through postcard mailers, online outreach and targeted advertisements in select issues of the publication. The goal was to drastically reduce the number of print copies that were being wasted each month when mailed to incorrect addresses, or to people who no longer wish to receive a print subscription.

To date, we have received approximately 2,000 responses, both by postcard and online. Nearly a quarter of respondents chose to support our effort to reduce our environmental footprint by switching from paper to digital delivery. These readers are helping us become more efficient by keeping several tons of paper out of landfills and by reducing our production and shipping costs considerably.

We greatly value the members of our audience who have expressed their desire to continue receiving print copies of State Magazine, and have updated their information accordingly. Unfortunately, we have only received requests to continue hard copies from approximately 15 percent of those readers who receive the printed version.

There is still time to update your contact information before the July 1 cut-off date. Send in your postcard today! Readers can also go online at to update their info and sign-up to receive email notifications when new issues of State Magazine appear. Our site has been optimized to load not only on current high-speed Internet, but also on older dial-up connections or in areas with limited bandwidth.

The current budget climate demands we make the most efficient use of our resources and technology, which is why we have made it a priority to ensure that our printed issues are actually desired. Still, we continue to explore creative options to make our publication more effective in the future. We have been in discussions about the possibility of moving away from print altogether in favor of an enhanced digital product. This transition would allow us to meet and exceed the Department's mandate to eliminate wasteful or duplicative processes by making the magazine instantly available to anyone with an Internet connection at a fraction of the current cost of print production, and in a much more environmentally-friendly manner.

We have worked for the past several years to develop a robust digital version of the magazine, available online and on phones and tablets running iOS. As the demand for the digital magazine increases, the publication will evolve, and we may develop apps for Android and Kindle devices.

Ultimately, State Magazine will continue to serve as a high-quality source of news and information about what Department employees are doing to forward America's diplomatic mission around the globe. However, we must capitalize on current and emerging technologies to conserve natural and fiscal resources.

Send us your thoughts--by letter or email--about the magazine's possible transition from print to digital. Let us know how it would affect you. Your perspectives will help shape the future of our publication.

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Date:Jun 1, 2013
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