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The other AIDS rides.

The Other AIDS Rides You don't have to pedal to New
York or L.A. to participate in an AIDS charity bike ride--these
smaller U.S. treks are just as inspiring (and tiring).

              Texas Hill Country              Hawaii Paradise Ride
             Ride (April 30-May 1)                (July 9-1 S)

Nuts &       125 miles from Austin to         300 miles across Oahu,
spokes       Spicewood, 2 days, 270           Maui, and Kauai, 7 days,
             riders, $600 to participate,     55 riders, $2,500 to
             benefits 10 AIDS organizations   participate, benefits
             serving all of central           AIDS organizations
             Texas                            serving each island

Terrain      Winding back roads               Moderate hills covered
             through hills covered in         with tropical flora.
             blooming wild flowers            "Keep the water [ocean]
                                              to your right," advises
                                              rider Jim Wolff.

Traditions   Award for funniest helmet.       High-energy hula dances
             Last year's winner was           every night
             festooned with martini
             glasses in memory of a
             friend with a yen for

Energy Fix   Fajitas and barbecue             Ripe mangos, papaya, and
                                              spam musubi (a local
                                              rice-ball treat)

Muscle       Hot-shower truck and a          Open-air beach showers
relaxer      plethora of able-bodied         and massages, cool ocean
             masseurs                        breezes

             Wisconsin AIDS Ride               Montreal to Boston
                (August 4-7)                  AIDS Vaccine BikeTrek
                                                 (August 16-20)

Nuts &       350 miles starting and           425 miles from Montreal
spokes       ending in Madison, 4 days,       to Boston, 5 days, 91
             110 riders, $1,200 to            riders, $500 suggested to
             participate, benefits            participate, benefits
             Madison AIDS Network             UCLA AIDS Institute and
                                              the Emory Vaccine Center
                                              in Atlanta

Terrain      Country roads, several           Quebec is flat, but once
             mile-long hills, cliffside       you enter the U.S. of A.
             outlooks onto fields of          it ranges from rolling
             sunflowers                       hills to steep inclines
                                              to mountains. Highlight:
                                              cycling by Walden Pond

Traditions   "Watermelon Man" hosts           Day four is "Dress in Red
             an annual watermelon             Day" (or, as some gay men
             seed-spitting contest and        prefer, "Red Dress Day")
             the "Frozen Butt Club" is a
             group of motorcycle riders
             who apply tattoos and
             host balloon tosses.

Energy Fix   Riders earn popsicles after      Gu energy gel by day,
             conquering the most              high-carb pasta dishes
             grueling incline, nicknamed      by night
             "Popsicle Hill: "Well-wishers
             along the route
             pass out candy, ice cream
             bars, and cookies.

Muscle       Cucumber facials from            Masseurs? "Not
relaxer      dedicated medical crew,          professional ones," says
             showers in school locker         rider Tom Shaw.
             rooms, chiropractors             "Campgrounds have
                                              showers, and if you take
                                              the 'Princess Tour,' so
                                              does your motel room."
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