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The only contender who sounds human.

SIR - Jeremy Corbyn deserves enormous gratitude from the media this summer for his one-person effort in providing pages of comment during what is normally a slow news period.

The fear and loathing Mr Corbyn has provoked in the top echelons of the Labour Party has been a constant source of mirth as the nomenklatura of the ever rightwards drifting "Labour" Party scuttle around wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth.

Corbyn has them on the run because, like the SNP, he is not representative of the machine politics that have so disenchanted voters in all countries of the UK. He sounds like a human being who has a set of beliefs and principles, whether you like them or not.

The Labour Party originally came into being as the Labour Representation Committee. It was intended to be the parliamentary arm of the trade union movement at a time when working people were ruthlessly exploited by employers.

Mr Corbyn has not forgotten this, unlike some of his characterless rivals. Brian Eno, the music producer, aptly summed them up when he said that "... these 'realists' have turned Labour into a lightweight, vague entity whose only appeal is that it is not the Conservative Party".

I hope Mr Corbyn puts some principled hwyl back into the party and at least makes it think seriously about its purpose.

However, I've become increasingly disenchanted with what now passes for Labour and reached the conclusion that Wales needs a Welsh solution to its political and economic problems. Plaid seems to be the only party in Wales which has any coherent political vision and indeed still endorses many of the traditional Labour values that led me to support Labour in the first place.

I Seaton Mumbles, Swansea

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 21, 2015
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