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The one hundred twelfth meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science: 14-15 November 2002 East Tennessee State University Johnson City, Tennessee.

The annual meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science (TAS) was held in Johnson City, Tennessee, 14-15 November 2002, on the campus of East Tennessee State University (ETSU) with TAS President Jack Rhoton presiding. President-elect Karen Kendall-Fite served as Program Chairperson. The ETSU Local Arrangements Committee members were Dr. Martin Barrett, Dr. Gary Henson, Dr. Diane Nelson, Dr. Lee Pike, Dr. Fred Hossler, Dr. Jeff Knisley, Dr. Jack Rhoton, Dr. Phillip Scheuerman, Dr. Steven Wallace, and Dr. Jeff Wardeska.

The Executive Committee met Thursday evening, 14 November 2002, in the Tennessee Room of the Culp University Center on the ETSU campus. Dinner was provided by ETSU. The general session, annual business meeting, luncheon, poster sessions, and section meetings were held in the Culp University Center on the ETSU campus Friday, 15 November 2002. The general session began at 8:45 AM EST in the Culp University Center Auditorium with a welcome from ETSU Provost/Vice President Dr. Bert C. Bach. The annual business meeting followed with TAS President Jack Rhoton presiding. The plenary session began at 9:30 AM EST with the keynote address given by Dr. Steven Wallace, ETSU Assistant Professor of Geology. Dr. Wallace's address was titled "Paleoecological Interpretation of the Gray Fossil Site (Miocene), Washington County, Tennessee". Throughout the morning meeting attendees viewed posters displayed in the Culp University Center Ballroom. Lunch was served in the Culp University Center Ballroom, followed by section business meetings and technical paper sessions as listed in the printed program.


15 November 2002

President Jack Rhoton convened the annual business meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science (TAS) at 8:50 AM EST in the Culp University Center Auditorium on the campus of East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee, and determined by the attendance that a quorum was present. A motion to suspend the reading of the minutes passed.

President Rhoton expressed appreciation to East Tennessee State University for hosting the 112th meeting of the Academy, and to the Local Arrangements Committee for their work in preparing the meeting site. President Rhoton announced the joint meeting with the Tennessee Science Teachers Association (TSTA) to be held in 2003 at the Cool Springs Marriott Hotel in Franklin, Tennessee, and encouraged the membership to attend and to participate in this historic joint meeting.

President Rhoton introduced TAS Meeting Coordinator Michael Redding who explained the role of the Meeting Coordinator to the membership. The Executive Committee had previously approved changes in the role of the Meeting Coordinator to include publication and mailing of the Call for Papers and the meeting program. President Rhoton praised Dr. Redding's work for the Academy.

As Treasurer John W. Harris was busy with registration of meeting attendees, President Rhoton advised members to examine the Treasurer's Report published in the Journal.

Managing Editor M. Gore Ervin reported that three Journal issues had been published during 2002. The publication of the final issue is expected in mid December. He reported a decline in total manuscript submissions over the past few years, but noted a substantial increase in submissions during 2002. Managing Editor Ervin encouraged the membership to submit manuscripts and to participate by serving as reviewers and section editors.

Collegiate Division Director Richard Raridon was recognized for his continual service as Director since 1964. Director Raridon will retire from the post this year. President Rhoton presented Dr. Raridon with a plaque in recognition his receipt of the TAS Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Rhoton also highlighted Dr. Raridon's service to the Academy and expressed appreciation on behalf of the Academy.

Junior Academy of Science (TJAS) Director Jack Rhoton summarized the TJAS activities for 2002 and encouraged the membership to read the student research papers published in the Handbook and Proceedings of the Tennessee Junior Academy of Science. A copy of the Handbook was available in the folders prepared for meeting attendees. He noted that TJAS holds the oldest secondary science competition, begun in 1942, in the state. Director Rhoton announced the awards presented at the TJAS annual meeting in April, including three outstanding secondary school science teachers.

President Rhoton presented the TAS Distinguished Secondary Science Teacher Award to Kathryn R. Gemmer, biology and physics teacher at University School, Johnson City, Tennessee. Ms. Gemmer received a plaque and a $500 cash award. Ms. Gemmer thanked the Academy and expressed the personal rewards of teaching.

President Rhoton introduced Dr. James Howard, newly appointed Director of Electronic Communications, who briefly discussed changes and improvements planned for the TAS web site.

Fellows Committee Chairperson Charles R. McGhee presented the nomination of Dr. John Zamora (Middle Tennessee State University) and Dr. Charles J. Biggers (University of Memphis) for approval by the membership. The nominations were approved by the Executive Committee at its 14 November 2002 meeting. A motion to accept Drs. Zamora and Biggers as Fellows of the Academy was approved by vote of the membership.

The membership observed a moment of silence in honor of the following deceased TAS members: Dr. George W. Edwards (Lambuth University), Dr. Jack Lorenz (University of the South), and Dr. Charles S. Shoup (Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

David J. Wilson discussed TAS participation in textbook verification review for the State Department of Education. Approximately 25 TAS members participated this year. Dr. Wilson asked interested members to contact him at djwilson@ for information.

Dr. Gary Wulfsberg, Professor of Chemistry, Middle Tennessee State University, received the TAS Distinguished University Scientist Award. Dr. Martin V. Stewart, TAS Past President introduced Dr. Wulfsberg and presented a plaque commemorating the event. Dr. Stewart outlined Dr. Wulfsberg's impressive academic career, citing international recognition and publications. Dr. Wulfsberg accepted the award and thanked the Academy.

Dr. Charles J. Biggers was named recipient of the TAS Distinguished Service Award for 25 years service as the West Regional Sponsor of the Collegiate Division. Collegiate Division Director Richard Raridon outlined Dr. Biggers' contributions to the Collegiate Division and the Academy. A plaque commemorating the event will be mailed to Dr. Biggers who was not in attendance.

Past President Martin V. Stewart presented the TAS Distinguished Service Award to Ms. Sarah H. Swain for service to the Academy as TAS Secretary for 11 years and especially for her help with the 2001 joint meeting with the Kentucky Academy of Science. Secretary Swain accepted the award, noted the service of many deserving TAS members, and thanked the Academy.

President Rhoton announced up-coming field trips available during this annual meeting. Future meeting sites were announced as follows: 2003 TAS-TSTA joint meeting at Cool Springs Marriott Hotel, Franklin, Tennessee; 2004 at Columbia State Community College, Columbia, Tennessee; 2005 at the University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, Tennessee. President Rhoton passed the gavel to 2003 President Karen Kendall-Fite who adjourned the meeting at 9:30 AM EST.


Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro
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