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The one! the only! (Post Scripts).

My husband, Jim, and I are both "only children." Throughout our lives, almost every time someone found out that we had no brothers or sisters, the next response would be, "Oh, then you must be spoiled." (We aren't.) Like other only children, we simply endured these assumptions silently, knowing that denial would be fruitless.

As life worked out, Jim and I also were able to have only one child. Two "onlies" with an "only." As our son grew up, we were constantly hearing, "You have only one?" followed by either smirks or sorry-for-you faces.

Finally one afternoon, sitting on the patio with a friend while we watched our children at play (she had three), I could stand it no longer. When she commented, "It's too bad you only have one child," I simply responded, "Well, we got it right the first time!"
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Author:LeCroy, Jann P.
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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