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The odd couple hit a new low; Poor Wes saint getting too much luck.

IT'S every bloke's worst nightmare. You're lying in bed in the wee small hours when your phone rings but you miss the call because you're blissfully asleep. You wake up a couple of hours later and read a text to discover your bird - who happens to be a former Miss World - is now lying by the pool in Morocco, having jetted off with a handsome, wealthy businessman. That's why I'm faxing the Vatican today to demand that Rosanna Davison's poor beau Wesley Quirke is immediately bestowed with the honour of the first living saint. Wes has kept a dignified - or perhaps petrified - silence this week since Rosie's blunt explanation for her spurof- the moment getaway with Johnny Ronan (now the coolest cat in Dublin and hero to every red-blooded male).

"I tried calling Wesley to get him to come along but he was asleep," she pleaded. "It was all very lastminute." If ever you needed proof that there is no such thing as a normal relationship in celeb land, then look no further than the colourful world of Wesanna. They truly are the odd couple of showbiz. They couldn't even break up normally last year. When stories surfaced that they had secretly gone their separate ways, Rosie curiously explained: "We haven't split. We're just taking some space."

Try telling your other half that you're not dumping them, you just need them to bugger off and stay a few hundred yards from you at all times and see how you get on. I think it's called a restraining order in the real world. Thankfully, Saint Wes cheerily went along with the bizarre saga, refusing to either confirm or deny if they had split until they got back together again some weeks later. This week there has been a similar eerie silence from camp Wes as Rosanna embarked on an all-out media onslaught when her now arch-rival, and Johnny's ex, Glenda Gilson expressed dismay and told me she felt "betrayed by Rosie's actions". In predictably off-beat showbiz style, even before texting Glenda an apology, she informed every tabloid in Ireland she would be doing so. And in a final, peculiar twist last night,

Rosie chose not to put on a united front with her beau at the VIP Style Awards - but instead stayed at home to pack her bags for a London trip. Don't get me wrong, I know Rosie well and she is a terrific girl. But with such odd behaviour she can't expect the good people of Ireland to look on her relationship with Wes as anything other than a confusing sham. Amid the madness, a clever so-and-so phoned Ireland AM this week and announced live on air that Glenda and Rosanna should go head-to-head in a boxing showdown - with yours truly in Glenda's corner. Bookmaker Paddy Power liked the idea so much they are already offering odds - with Glenda 1/3 favourite to land the knockout blow.

Maybe it's not such an off-beat idea after all. Just think of the money they could raise for charity and Glenda might even end up knocking some sense into Rosie. Anyway, I'd love to keep ranting about this but I've missed a couple of calls from the wife. I better ring her back or she could be in Miami with another bloke by tea-time!
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 13, 2010
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