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The nutraceuticals world crossword challenge.


1. Company responsible for popularizing liquid two-piece capsules

6. This macronutrient is important for bowel and heart health, and more recently has been found to stave off hunger

9. Indian bread

11. Consumers are looking for simpler labels, those without scores of ingredients they can't understand, those that are the opposite of "dirty"

12. Food stamps will not cover these, according to the new farm bill passed by Congress in May (--supplements)

13. A can--person

14. Weekend day, for short

15. Firms abbr.

16. Yes, captain

19. The most popular way to deliver dietary supplements:--s

21. Helping consumers with this will help them achieve their weight loss goals (hint: the technique has inspired many companies to keep theirs to 100 calories per pack):--control

24. Compass point

25. Trial area

27. Pomegranate and mangosteen are referred to as "superfruits" while almonds and walnuts are considered these

29. Consumed

31. "--Lang Syne"

32. Spanish for it is

35. Not edible any more

37. The company that wants to ban weight loss claims for supplements, abbr.

38. FDA is considering reversing health claims for these substances:--and selenium

41. Annoyance

43. This company's newest premium juice promotes the virtues of acai

45. --fat

46. Fruits rich in potassium

50. Support

51. This Slim-Fast company has discovered a technology, which works by trapping gas in foods to make people feel full

53. B--: snake that squeezes

54. Hazel or brazil

55. --aging

56. Refreshing delivery system for nutraceuticals



1. This company started using Cargill's new sweetener, Truvia, in a variety of products

2. Takes the skin off

3. Jar

4. Conclusion

5. Put down

6. This class of substances found in dark chocolate may help reduce blood pressure

7. Purchase

8. Coupon

10. New

14. Perceives

16. Church area

17. Not me!

18. Overall software integration for all the company's processes (abbr.)

19. High protein soy

20. Was first to market

22. Inherent power in Taoism

23. Russell Crowe's middle name

26. Degree

28. Take too much, for short

30. Go head--head

33. Outside coverings

34. Favoring

36. Invest in

37. Wisonsin is THE place for production of this herb

38. Cargill's new sweetener, Truvia, is based on this herb, a first for the U.S. market

39. Danone product

40. Special market position

42. Hindu princess

44. --Dhabi

47. Plant with skin healing and nutrition properties

48. Close

49. Audio visual, briefly

52. Regret

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Author:Mellor, Myles
Publication:Nutraceuticals World
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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