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The nurse compact impact.

The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) houses the Division of Registrations which is where the Board of Nursing (BON) resides. DORA is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the marketplace and is committed to promoting a fair and competitive business environment in Colorado. The Division of Registrations practices "public/consumer protection through effective licensure and enforcement." Together, consumer protection is our business.

The BON is responsible for the regulation of Professional Nurses (RN), Practical Nurses (LPN), Psychiatric Technicians (LPT) and Certified Nurse Aides (CNA). The Board promulgates rules and oversees the functions of approving nursing education programs, the licensing process, disciplinary proceedings, and the standards of professional performance.

Effective October 1, 2007, the BON joined the Multi-state Nurse Licensure Compact (Compact). Colorado was the 22nd state to join the Compact. The Compact only affects RN and LPN licenses. It does not apply to CNA certifications or LPT licenses. It also does not apply to Advanced Practice Authority for APNs or IV Authority for LPNs. As a result of this merger, anyone who holds a multi-state license in one Compact state can practice in any other Compact state without obtaining a license from that Compact state. Nurses who are under current disciplinary restrictions are not eligible for a Compact license and will be issues a "Single-State" license. For Colorado, "Single-State" will be designated on the face of the license and a multi-state license will not have the restriction designated. The Compact is a great benefit to those nurses who are travelers and are employed on short-term assignments. If a nurse moves permanent residence to another Compact state, she/he must apply for licensure in the new declared state of residency and the Colorado compact license will be expired.

The designation of licenses is defined by "Home State" and "Remote State." The Home State is the declared state of residency. The Remote State is the state where practice occurs (outside of the Home State). To verify a Colorado licensed nurse, employers can still go the online verification website through the Division of Registrations (ALISON) For verification of a Compact license for another state, the employer can use that Compact state's online verification service. It is highly suggested that employers consider using the national data base through NURSYS[R] which can be accessed at The advantage of using the NURSYS@ website is that the employer will be able to see whether disciplinary action has been taken in by any other state Board of Nursing against the nurse's license. This information may not be available from the Home State licensure verification system. There is a $5.00 fee to the employer for each license verification through NURSYS[R].

The process for filing complaints against a nurse for practice that takes place in Colorado is still the same process regardless of the Home State of the licensee. The difference in process is primarily internal for the BON. If a nurse is practicing in Colorado on a Compact license from another state, the nurse is practicing in Colorado (a Remote State) on a Compact "privilege." When a complaint is filed, Colorado has to notify the Home State of the complaint. Colorado has the option of taking action immediately on the privilege. Colorado may also elect to send the complaint on to the Home State for action. Only the Home State can take action on the nursing "license." The reverse process takes place for Colorado nurses practicing in Remote states.

Terms to know:

Compact--Multi-state nurse licensure compact

Single-State--A license status that is restricted either by a compact state or a state that is not a member of the Compact

Home State--The state of declared residency for a nurse with a Compact license. The nurse must have a nursing license in the Home State.

Remote State--The state where a nurse is practicing using a Compact license if it is not the Home State

Compact Privilege--When a nurse is practicing in a Remote State under a Compact license

Compact License--The license issued by the Home State

To find out those states participating in the Compact, please visit the BON website for additional information and updates related to the Compact @ The BON website also contains general information and updates for all initiatives of the BON.
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