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The no-go guys: some guys are mega-cute, smart, funny ... and totally off limits! Is the guy you dig outta bounds?

The sun's shinin', birds are chirpin', and you have your eye on a guy. He seems perfect in every way--except for the pesky little fact that you know, deep down, liking him is just plain wrong. Sooner or later, almost every girl has a thing for a guy she shouldn't. That's why we're revealing the top four fellas you can never have a crush on ... and how to deal if you already do.


Your girl Sarah was into Peter the second they met in homeroom last fall. Now that they're a cute and cozy couple, you spend tons of time hangin' with 'em--and the more you're around Pete, the more you wish he were your guy.

We don't need to tell you that trying to get even the teensiest bit closer to Peter will lead to monster truck-force trouble. No matter if he's super nice to you, no matter how cute his bushy eyebrows are, no matter if you spotted him first--your loyalty is to Sarah.

It's possible Pete appeals to you because you and Sarah are so tight. You two have tons in common, maybe even the same taste in guys. So whatever qualities you like in Peter (his smarts or sense of humor?), you should look for in another guy. No need to avoid Peter like the plague, but he's not fair game.


When you were with Nick, everything about him bugged you--the way he sang in that super-high voice to Fall Out Boy, how he sloppy-slurped his milkshake, his knuckle-cracking. But now that Nick has a new gal, his annoying habits seem ... endearing. You want him back!

Hold on, girl. You just think you do. There's a reason you broke up--remember it! If Nick's tricks drove you nutsy before, they'll drive you even nutsier next time around. No doubt, the real deal behind your change of heart is the fact that Nick has moved on--and maybe you haven't so much. Which is OK. You don't have to Gorilla-Glue yourself to the first guy you see. Instead, enjoy some "me" time, sans boy stress.


You were psyched when you got Mr. Granger for English fit. He's fresh outta Harvard, speaks so articulately and has a gorge smile. You've been sonneting your brains out just so you can hear him say, "Great job." If you're secretly daydreaming about a teacher (or coach or other cool adult), don't be embarrassed. It's natural to admire someone who's mature since so many boys your age just aren't. Still, a teacher never has BF potential.

So keep the sitch in perspective, and be patient. The guys in your grade will grow up, drop their caveboy ways and actually become crush-worthy. Promise!


When you crack jokes, your BF Justin says, "Huh?", while his dude Scott laughs his head off. When you got your bangs cut, Justin didn't notice and Scott gave you snaps. Justin couldn't care less if you want another Diet Coke at Wendy's. Scott? He leaps up to get you a refill. Sigh. Maybe you're dating the wrong guy.

Members of your boy's crew often look good because you know them as pals, without any weird boy-girl pressure. You can always be yourself around them. Now, clear your head. Don't read so much into Scott's niceness--his intentions are likely friends-only. Even if they're not, doesn't matter. Then, really think about Justin. If he's a little clueless but basically rocks, cut him some slack. Focus on his great qualities, like how he helps you with heavy probs. If he's truly not the guy for you, make that decision without the Scott factor.

So there you have it. When it comes to Mr. Way Wrong, do the right thing--pass him right on by!
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Author:Mulcahy, Lisa
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Apr 1, 2006
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