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The next-best thing to ice.

BCB International has recently developed a heat-defying water cooling system which attaches to any hydration system to provide a cooled drink, rather than a mouthful of warm water which has been found to discourage soldiers from regular drinking. Affectionately named the 'Chilly', the portable cooling system weighs a sleight 400 grams, and cools the water as it travels through a succession of cooling fins, each of which contains a wick that transfers a small amount of water to the outer covering, where it evaporates - taking heat with it. Using this heat transfer, the unit can reduce the temperature of the drinking water by up to 25[degrees] C. The Chilly works without batteries and incorporates silver as an antimicrobial element. Tests from soldiers in Afghanistan have confirmed its ability to keep soldiers hydrated and feel cool for longer periods. Cooler water means the soldier enjoys drinking. BCB International mentions the system can simply 'click' into most military hydration system (portable water reservoir with a built-in flexible drinking tube).
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Title Annotation:Digest
Publication:Armada International
Date:Jun 1, 2011
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