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The new kid in town.

The New Kid In Town

There's a new kid in town that the industry should sit up and notice. Actually, it's not a new kid. More precisely, it is a new conference in the nonwovens industry, a conference that is radically different from any other currently offered.

The first INDA Fundamental Research Conference scheduled for next month at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville is a noteworthy effort by INDA and the INDA JOURNAL OF NONWOVENS RESEARCH to bring fundamental research into the mainstream of the nonwovens industry. For years, INDATEC has served as an insight into applied research into nonwovens. This new meeting goes a step further back...or forwards, depending on your the process of developing new nonwovens technologies.

Sure, the titles of some of the proposed conference papers that appear in a preview of the July 16, 17 meeting on page 55 are not the type that excite the average nonwovens professional. But we are talking about the very basics of the industry here, the building blocks upon which the future of our industry rests.

Much of the work that will be discussed during the two days in Knoxville is being done at the universities that have made a commitment to nonwovens, schools such as UTK, Georgia Tech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and North Carolina State University. And then there are the professional research organizations such as the Textile Research Institute and the Research Triangle Institute that have dedicated much of their talents to nonwovens and, most timely these days, the environment.

But perhaps most encouraging is the planned participation of representatives from some of the major roll goods companies in the country, led by Alfred Mays, president of Chicopee, a man who certainly recognizes the value of applied research after more than 20 years of experience in nonwovens research. He will give the keynote speech to set the tone of the conference. Three other industry leaders--Kimberly-Clark, Veratec and Du Pont--are also intimately involved in this fledgling concept. Together, that means four of the world's largest producers of nonwoven fabrics have dedicated themselves to this inaugural effort.

We can humbly say that NONWOVENS INDUSTRY, through its sister publication the JOURNAL OF NONWOVENS RESEARCH, is also lending its expertise and support of the conference as a cosponsor along with INDA. From our vantage point we have certainly realized for the last 21 years the importance of basic research to the future of our industry.

This is a call to arms to support the efforts of those giving so much time and effort into fundamental research into nonwovens. They are a select group who hold the technological future in their hands. Think about participating in the INDA Fundamental Research Conference next month and accept their offer of sharing ththis knowledge with the industry.
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Title Annotation:International Nonwovens and Disposables Association Fundamental Research Conference
Author:Jacobsen, Michael A.
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:editorial
Date:Jun 1, 1991
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