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The new eco-drivers: guardians of the earth.

Environmental concerns have had wide repercussions and are gaining in significance. Former "eco-activists" have become the guardians of the earth with a powerful impact on trends. For them, ecology, individuality and awareness of luxury are inseparable. They have broadened their thematic and emotional horizons, which in turn impacts the tenor of the color climate. "In this 'new ecology,' we are observing sensual pastels ranging from a grayed apricot to a yellowish beige," Hofli said. Green, the color logo of the ecology movement, is developing more toward warmer, more discreet color ranges and in so doing, reflects a more conscientious and decelerated awareness of ecological concerns. Warm browns are also part of the repertoire. "The notions of reductionism and 'going without' used to be associated with 'green ideology. 'That has changed today. These days, an ecological mindset can also be luxurious and elegant," said Gutjahr, describing society's change in attitude.

In addition to this abstract natural approach to life, the color spectrum of intelligent ecology is also showing its emotional sides. Powerful blues and dark, warm greens are being used with a great deal of sensitivity and intensity.

Chromatic highlights and a shift in colors toward black charge these strong natural colors emotionally and infuse them with drama. In this area, copper and bronze tints are important sources of inspiration.

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Title Annotation:BASF Automotive Color Trends
Publication:Coatings World
Date:Oct 1, 2009
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