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The need for cop shops is limited.

THOSE who are campaigning to save police station front desks from closure should take cognisance that we are all living in a changing society.

That said, there are a majority of people locally and nationally who will always resist change, whether that be about the closure of front counters at police stations or their local bank changing their opening hours or even closing down.

Whether we like it or not we are a nation of moaners when decisions are taken which upset our daily routine. The need for front desks is now minimal, brought about by the advance of technology. Why do we think there is a need to keep them open when we have more convenient methods of communication available, such as, house phones, mobile phones, computers, laptops and tablets? Of course some will say we don't use any of that technology but they must remember no one really cares about the minorities, from Government to large conglomerates.

Being a cynic I would wager a bet that the majority of protesters have never set foot inside a police station, never mind a front desk.

Mike Butler, Wylde Green

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Dec 10, 2014
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