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The mysterious case of cockroach infestation.. Holidaymakers told to keep bags zipped up.


HOLIDAYMAKERS have been urged to keep their suitcases zipped up following a sharp spike in cockroach infestations across Ireland.

Some pest controllers say the number of call-outs has more than quadrupled over the past two months.

And city residents are particularly under siege from armies of the unsightly creepy-crawlies.

Trevor Hayden, who runs nationwide service Complete Pest Control, said the number of cases he's dealt with since mid-April has hit unprecedented levels, not least in densely-populated urban areas of Dublin and Cork.

And he urged people planning family holidays abroad over the summer to ensure they keep their luggage closed at all times to ensure they don't unwittingly bring the filthy creatures back home with them.

He said: "Cockroaches have gone absolutely crazy. The populations have exploded.

"I've never known anything like it in all my years in this business.

"Apartment blocks are the worst hit, with many riddled with them. Dublin and Cork are the worst hit, with Limerick and Galway not far behind.

"We've been doing around six call-outs a day for the past couple of months, whereas normally we'd get between five and 10 cockroach jobs a week.

"Cockroaches will literally hitch a ride on anything that comes into Ireland from overseas. Suitcases are probably the most common way they get over here, so my advice to people or families travelling abroad would be to keep their luggage zipped up as much as possible."

Nearly all outbreaks so far this year have been for infestations of the so-called German cockroach, the most common variety found here.

The scavengers - which can trigger serious illnesses, including salmonella, gastroenteritis and even asthma - devour everything in their path, including non-food items such as soap, glue and toothpaste.

Mr Hayden added: "I think there's a combination of reasons for the increase. I think apartments tend to have a higher turnover of residents, including many non-nationals moving in from abroad, who could be bringing them in."

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUIR
Date:Jun 18, 2019
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