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The modular approach to automation.

Laboratory automation has changed dramatically over the years, moving from a monolithic, hardware-based approach to a flexible, modular approach that is highly software-reliant. Today's laboratory managers have been trained with the idea that automation is a "must have," not a "nice to have"; they are highly informed and educated about what they want and need for their lab. They appreciate the long-term effects of laboratory automation, and that it is much more than a marketing or "lock-in" tool for IVD manufacturers. They understand the interdependence of the laboratory automation system (LAS) with the laboratory information system (LIS) and other instruments in the lab. The root of laboratory automation is understanding the process of the laboratory and utilizing automation to adjust for optimal outcomes and not simply to mimic human actions. Today's laboratory staff are demanding more flexibility in laboratory automation systems, primarily in being more "open" to mix and match analyzers from a variety of vendors and having all departments on a single platform or line. This is the clear trend moving forward, and it is exciting as labs focus on process control and more and more vendors cooperate with each other to make it happen.

John David Nolen, MD, PhD, MSPH and Peter Manes, Director of Laboratory Automation

Cerner Corporation Manufacturer of Cerner Labotix

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Title Annotation:What's the buzz in automation?
Author:Nolen, John David; Manes, Peter
Publication:Medical Laboratory Observer
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Sep 1, 2015
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