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The medic mistakes that should never, ever happen...

ANOTHER day, another misleading medical term.

A 'never event' is a blunder so serious it should never occur. Problem is, it has. It's occurred 12 times at five Birmingham hospitals in one year.

The range of entirely preventable cock-ups include swabs left inside patients and wrong-sized implant being fitted.

The catalogue of errors tarnishes a health service that is constantly tubthumping over improvements in patient care.

A spokesman has pledged: "Every step has been taken to ensure we learn from incidents and put actions in place to ensure these incidents are not repeated."

That is stating the obvious.

Medics should not have to learn from their mistakes not to leave foreign objects in patients.

Until these blunders are eradicated completely, may we suggest 'never events' are re-labelled 'rare events'.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 13, 2012
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