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The mechatronics handbook, 2d ed; 2v.


The mechatronics handbook, 2d ed; 2v.

Ed. by Robert H. Bishop.

CRC / Taylor & Francis




The electrical engineering handbook series


For the second edition of this reference, the volume was divided into two: Vol.1 is titled Mechatronic sytems, sensors, and acuators; fundamentals and modeling and Vol.2, Mechatronic system control, logic, and data acquisition. Six chapters in Vol.1 provide an overview of mechatronics; the next 11 chapters describe physical system modeling. The final section describes the fundamentals of time and frequency with regard to sensors and actuators and moves on to describe all types of sensors and actuators in separate chapters. Acceleration sensors, force measurement, flow measurement, vision, and electrical machines are among those described. Vol.2 contains 35 chapters, including 4 chapters on signals and systems, and chapters on the root locus method, frequency response methods, and Kalman filters as dynamic system state observers in the largest section, on mechatronic system control. The contributors are specialists at institutions worldwide. Bishop is with the U. of Texas, Austin.

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