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The marketing and management of imagination.


Mr. Javed Jabbar, Honorary Chairman of MNJ Communications (Pvt.) Ltd. and Chairman, South Asia Media Association and who has to his credit the honour of organising the 16th Asian Advertising Congress, addressing members of Marketing Association of Pakistan, the other day gave a very interesting discourses on |The Marketing and Management of Imagination". Elaborating his theme, he said that the very concept and the name of Pakistan are excellent examples of how the human imagination is able to visualise profound and relevant responses to conditions of deep crisis and help transform ideas into solid existence.

Appreciating the role played by the Marketing Association of Pakistan in serving as a forum for professional discourses and education, he expressed the hope that in keeping with the demands of an open and democratic society, the Association would help persuade corporations in the private sector to publicly share data on their marketing activities so that objective study and scientific analysis could be applied for a better understanding. Given the distinct socio-economic features of Pakistan Society, he said that our country is an extremely volatile, dynamic and fascinating Nation that offers extraordinary challenges to entrepreneurs.

He said that the study of history clearly shows that it is human imagination which acts as the motive force which inspires nations as well as individuals. Imagination has to be rooted firmly in reality in order to become purposeful. He cited a number of examples in each sector. He explained that whereas the potential of the human imagination was unlimited, the actual application of the human imagination in implementing specific products or performance was limited.

Earlier, in his introductory remarks the President of Marketing Association of Pakistan Mr. Haroon Basheer, said that Mr. Javed Jabbar can perhaps lay claim to be the most qualified to talk on the subject for ideas come from the minds of imaginative people and absolutely nobody knows in the world how or why. What we supply depends entirely on people having ideas - and ideas don't come from field mines or wells. Nor are they made to order in laboratories.
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Title Annotation:Javed Jabbar
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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