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The many talent coats of Liji Abdulla.

LEZIMA GOMES Doha Creative pursuits like pottery, painting, writing, singing, or a host of similar things can be grouped under arts and craft. Art and craft activities enhance the happiness and well-being of those involved, especially children. There is even evidence that shows that arts and craft bring wider benefits to the community and society; for example, in terms of improved health, greater social inclusion, curbing loneliness and stronger cultural ties. Liji Abdulla is an arts and craft exponent here in Qatar, and over the years, she has conducted art and craft workshops at various locations which include Katara, Qatar Foundation Community Centre, FCC under Qatar Charity, Children's Education Centre, schools and community centres. Abdulla has dabbled in various forms of art and craft activities such as candle-making, fabric-painting, glass-painting, clay art, varied craft works using beads, decoupage craft, embroidery, jewellery-designing, paper crafts, mural-painting, dress-designing, among others. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and has trained in various forms of arts and craft. She said that her tryst with art and craft began as a child."I used to see my mother doing craft-related activities, which inspired me to follow in her footsteps. I remember making greeting cards and hand-made gifts for my friends," she said. She is dedicated to what she does and hopes to encourage people to take up arts and craft, and even has a dedicated YouTube channel called Craft Wonders Liji for sharing her ideas and craft tutorials online. She said that over the years, she has derived inspiration from her young students."I also love nature and the shape of flowers, leaves, and trees, and I always incorporate these in my work," she explained. Stressing on the importance of art and craft activities, Abdulla pointed out that children nowadays are addicted to electronic gadgets and computer games, where they do not utilise their creativity, nor improve their skills in terms of developing ideas, or finding joy in their own activities."For younger students, it's always good for them to spend some time in craft activities since it can improve their concentration and creativity and thus be useful in their studies." Abdulla, who spends approximately 4-5 hours daily, creating and conducting workshops, and who has been a member of the QatArt family in Doha for more than four years, said that by associating with the art fraternity, she got the opportunity to interact with more people from various nationalities and their cultures."It also helped me gain new ideas on handmade craft and art and more opportunities to exhibit my work, and I got a chance to conduct more workshops," she said. As an instructor, she said that she plays the role of sparking ideas amongst her young students. She said that one has to constantly explore and learn."It may not be that easy to realise an idea; you will have to keep on learning along the way." Describing her love for what she does, she said,"It keeps me engaged throughout the day, interacting with new people, ideas, and cultures. I believe that being a craft trainer, providing proper guidance and training can inspire students, which will enable them to convert their ideas into creative realities and convert their idle and free time to fun and joyful events." Speaking about art, she said that Qatar is very supportive of artists and craftspersons."Here we can see lot of dedicated places like Katara, Museum of Islam Art and Souq Waqif for promoting such activities. We are getting lots of opportunities for promoting and exhibiting our work. We hope that in the coming years, the craft community will get more space for their activities." Abdulla, who has already dabbled in various art and craft forms, says that she wants to train in fruit-carving, butter-carving and ice-carving."I got inspired to learn these activities at the Qafco flower show, and am trying to connect with someone who can help me." She also wishes to start workshops on jelly wax candle. Among bigger future plans, she said that she is currently in discussion with a group of people in the field of making paper pens, files and other environmentally friendly stationary items. She said,"These natural friendly items can be promoted through community groups and even school children. I really hope that this happens."

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Publication:Qatar Tribune (Doha, Qatar)
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Date:Mar 11, 2018
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