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The manager's musings.

New Horizons

Current public management events do a good job of increasing awareness of high-level policy issues, promoting an informed view on a variety of emerging trends. Beginning in 2008, The Public Manager plans to augment and complement what's already out there by offering a program of seminars, workshops, and forums and an annual conference in collaboration with experienced partners sharing similar values. These events will aim for diverse, audience-driven content and allow sufficient time for audience and "expert" give and take. Just as the quarterly journal includes articles contributed by public managers who have implemented innovative approaches, these discussion events will emphasize best-practice techniques and case illustrations presented by practitioners and applied academics. Moreover, we'll publish proceedings and foster a continued dialogue through The Public Manager (both hard copy and online) as well as formal Web forums and blogs.

The 2008 program targets practitioners at varying levels of management--including young professionals and public administration students--from all levels of government, the public nonprofit sector, and related international communities. It will consist of the following:

* Seminars and workshops to share specific tools and techniques of interest to practitioners on a select range of public management topics

* Forums (open discussion and debate) to explore emerging or continuing public management challenges and solutions of interest to practitioners

* A practitioner conference built around a unique theme that resonates with our varied communities of interest.

This year's kickoff conference--planned for Baltimore on July 28-29--will be presented jointly with the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). Under the theme of "transforming bureaucratic cultures," five tracks will explore challenges and solutions on the topics of performance, accountability, human capital, technology, and communication. Flip to the end of this issue or check our Web site ( to learn more about this initiative.

The Next Wave

In this issue's feature article, Jeffery Ulma and Dan Bevarly give us a look at citizen involvement in the digital age. This is followed by Part I of a two-part forum Alan Balutis has organized on the next President's Management Agenda--including articles on management reforms, human resource strategies, e-government, and Government 2.0, as well as the future workforce and service transformation, by Donald Kettl; Fred Thompson; John Sindelar; Dan Mintz; William Boddie, Jeanne Contardo, and Robert Childs; and Martha Dorris, respectively. In related articles, Vickers Meadows shares a telework case study, Lisa Cliff and Judy Steele close the loop on their two-part series on fulfilling the promise of e-Gov initiatives, and Anmarie Widener completes her two-part series on family-friendly policies from the European Union.

Other Currents ...

Following up on the fall issue's post-Katrina coverage, Frances Edwards fills us in on the work in progress recovering from the disaster, and Kim Ainsworth enlightens us on the expanded role of Federal Executive Boards in response to similar events. Jeff Turner looks at developing executive leadership in the public sector. In the area of financial management, Ed Girovasi passes along views expressed at a recent LMI executive forum, and the Honorable Nelson M. Ford, the Army's chief financial officer, examines three priorities for funding in the Army.

... And Compass Headings

Paul Hobby offers his opinion on managing in the public sector. Tim Winchell Sr. reviews a book on measuring public-sector outcomes. And Grimaldi notices it's election time again in his uncivil rant on new heights for the silly season. continued from Musings
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Date:Dec 22, 2007
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