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The management conference turns 10.

The newest edition, December 13-16, promises to be the best yet.

How many times have you pulled out your family album, rested comfortably on the sofa, and recalled Uncle Bob's youth, smiled at cousin Linda's dated hairdo, and wondered aloud, "Is that really me?"

Just as our appearances have changed over the years, so too has the association management profession. A quick glance through the 10 program books of ASAE's Management Conference--held annually since 1983--illustrates the evolving association management profession, according to Barbara Byrd-Lawyer, CAE, who chairs the 1992 Management Conference Advisory Committee. ASAE's 10th Management Conference is slated for December 13-16 at the Washington Hilton & Towers, Washington, D.C.

"|The program books~ show the growing sophistication and professionalism within our field," says Byrd-Lawler, who was one of the presenters at the first conference. "The original educational sessions were very nuts-and-bolts-oriented--here's what we do at the ABC association. Now the conference is a combination of nuts-and-bolts sessions and interactive discussions about the pulse of the association management industry now and in the future.

"Associations are now challenging their long-held beliefs on how they operate. We're striving to be much more strategic in our thinking," explains Byrd-Lawler. "We're no longer interested in just the technical aspects of how to do something. We want to know what the hot topics will be in 10 years and how we can start planning for them now."

The Management Conference is the perfect forum for exchanging that kind of information, adds Byrd-Lawler. Robert C. Buldak, CAE, for one, says conference participants get ideas not only from presenters but from colleagues attending the meeting.

"Association executives are more interested in working together as a group to upgrade the profession," observes Buldak, director of administrative services, American Hospital Association, Chicago.

Steven Drake, CAE, can validate Buldak's point. He remembers the "Do You Move Up or Out" session--presented at the 8th Management Conference by Ronald Moen, executive director, American Association of Orthodontists, St. Louis. At the 90-minute session, Moen and participants spoke frankly about why they failed or succeeded at associations and what they might do differently the next time around. Drake--formerly executive vice president, American Soybean Association, St. Louis, and currently looking for his next position--didn't know then that his notes from the session would come in handy a couple of years later.

"The Management Conference is a gold mine of ideas," says Drake. In fact, "I've only missed two Management Conferences. |The dates of the conference~ are among the first things I put on my calendar."

Reserving time and money to attend the Management Conference is important, agree other association executives. "You get a concentrated amount of information either in your specialty area or in a broad perspective in a short amount of time," says Wayne Colvin, CAE, executive director of the Mid-American InterFraternity Council Association, Bowling Green, Ohio. "With limited travel money for professional development, the Management Conference is always a must on my list."

More than 200 educational offerings

This year's conference offers participants 225 presentations in 19 tracks--compared to the 87 presentations in 7 tracks that were offered at the first Management Conference 10 years ago.

One of the highlights of the Management Conference will be keynote speaker Terry Anderson, a former correspondent for Associated Press who was held hostage in the Middle East for seven years. The gritty journalist will recount some of his experiences in captivity and explain how he and his fellow captives endured their ordeal. These three general sessions precede Anderson's moving tale:

* Michael Fortino, president and chief executive officer, The Center for Lifestyle Management, San Francisco, will teach stress reduction and time-management techniques and ways to achieve greater balance in your life.

* "Power Writing"--presented by Sue A. Hershkowitz, president, High Impact Presentations, Scottsdale, Arizona--will help you master writing effective, results-oriented memos, letters, and reports.

* Paul O. Radde, president, Thriving Presentations, Fort Washington, Maryland, will explore four phenomena and five core issues that deplete energy and suggest how participants can increase their tolerance of pressure.

Other exciting events

Brenda Dost, CAE, senior director of membership marketing, National Association of Home Builders, Washington, D.C., says that while the sessions at the Management Conference provide invaluable information, she learns a lot outside of the meeting rooms, too. "You often continue a conversation following a session. The next 15 minutes with that person is often as invaluable as sitting in an educational meeting." You won't want to miss several other Management Conference highlights.

* Opportunities to meet with your peers begin Sunday with the networking dinners. If you attend, you'll be placed at dinner with other association professionals who have similar professional interests to informally talk shop, swap ideas, and share on-the-job experiences.

* A newly revised certificate program--designed for newcomers to the association profession and experienced professionals looking for a refresher--will provide a fundamental understanding of association management in six areas: communication, convention management, education, finance and administration, general management, and membership marketing. Participants may register for individual courses or complete the entire program for one of the six areas in four days.

* A luncheon will honor recipients of the ASAE section awards. Winning entries demonstrating the best in the profession will also be displayed throughout the conference.

* A silent auction will enable you to bid on an exciting array of prizes. Prizes will include board meeting packages, luxury vacations, and consultations.

* A hospitality lounge for first-time attendees is designed to help newcomers to the conference feel welcome.

* Nearly 200 exhibits will feature a variety of products on one floor of the Washington Hilton Hotel & Towers.

* There are fun-filled social events such as rooting for your favorite team during Sunday's Washington Redskins-Dallas Cowboys party at the Washington Hilton Hotel & Towers; celebrating with your colleagues at a festive holiday party Monday; and strolling through the Adams-Morgan neighborhood and eating at one of its ethnic restaurants.

* A charity talent show will feature association executives and suppliers singing, dancing, performing comedy, and playing musical instruments.

Admission to the talent show is free; however, each participant is encouraged to donate at least $10. Proceeds from the talent show will benefit No Greater Love, a Washington, D.C., organization that provides compassionate support to families of veterans and terrorist victims.

"|The Management Conference~ is the best thing ASAE has got going--there is something for everybody," explains Buldak, of the American Hospital Association. "You'll have a difficult time not finding something that wouldn't interest you."

Exciting Educational Sessions

Here is a handful of the 225 educational sessions offered at the 10th Management Conference, grouped according to subject area.


* Value-Based Leadership: Imperatives for Total Quality Implementation

* Error Proofing and Streamlining Your Operations the Quality Way

* Aligning Culture, Organization, and Strategy--A Blueprint for Success

Associations as Information Resources

* The "Nuts and Bolts" of an On-line Network

* Information Delivery: Emerging Technology

* So Much Data, So Little Time . . .

Association Marketing

* Charging Up a Positive Image

* Member/Nonmember Analysis: Solves Problems and Identifies Opportunities

* Selling Ice to the Eskimos: Nontraditional Approaches to Association Marketing


* Gravy Train: Nonperiodic Publishing for Fun and Lots of Profit

* Introducing New Publications: Research, Requirements, and Results

* Making Association Publications Pay

Conventions and Expositions

* Hands-on Negotiating Workshop

* Strategies for Successful Meetings: Winning With the Partnership Approach

* How to S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Speaker Budget


* Effective Design for Promotional Brochures

* More for Less for More: Videoconference Solutions to Education Challenges

* Access for People With Disabilities: It's Not Just for Site Inspections Any More!


* The Top 10 UBIT Issues for Associations

* Government Grants: What to Do After You Win Them

* Purchasing Services: RFP to Contract

Foundation Management

* Effective Fund-Raising for Association Foundations

* Marketing Through Special Events . . . A Win-Win Scenario

* Does Your Foundation Have What It Takes to Succeed?

General Management

* Now What? Getting Your Staff Started in the Quality Management Process

* Mediation and Conflict Resolution for Association Executives

* The Necessary Paradigm Shift to Effectively Evaluate Your Association

Government Relations

* Building Consensus in a Fragmented Industry

* The Revolving Door on Capitol Hill: Its Effect on Your Lobbying Efforts

* Six Essential Competencies of an Association Government Affairs Function

* Counting Votes--When to Punt, Rush, or Go for the Field Goal

Human Resources

* Developing and Implementing a Staff Incentive Program--Curse or Blessing

* Effective Use of Employee Benefit Plans in the '90s

* Linking Compensation and Association Goals


* Ten "Sure-Fire" Ways for Your Association to Reduce Your Health Insurance Premium

* Nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance: Typical Association Losses and How Claims and Litigation Are Handled

* Certification and Professional Standards: What if You Are Sued? International Projects and Programs

* The International Meeting . . . The Experience and the Negotiation

* Understanding Foreign Exchange and Managing International Funds

* Information Sources for International Business Development

Managing Large Associations

* Managing Special-Interest Divisions and Other Organizations

* Payoffs and Pitfalls of Centralized Marketing

* Downsizing or Should It Be Right Sizing?

Managing Small Associations

* Financial Management: Increasing Nondues Sources of Income

* How to Survive and Thrive in a Small Association

* Team Building in Small Associations

Membership Marketing

* Creative Strategies for Member Retention Programs

* Benchmarking: Understanding Your Membership's Needs

* New Approaches to Segmenting Membership

National/Chapter Relations

* The Doctor Is In: Evaluating Your Chapter's Operations

* Slaying the "We-They" Dragon--Making Chapters Partners

* Easier Said Than Done: Strategies for Better Chapter Relations

Personal Development

* Stress Management: Work and Play Smarter, Not Harder

* Plain English: Getting Better Writing From Your Organization

* Managing Interpersonal Conflict

* Assertive Listening

Public Relations

* How to Do Public Relations Without Doing Lunch

* Developing, Funding, and Broadcasting a Daily Radio Program to Promote Your Association's Mission

* Reaching Your Gatekeepers: Essentials of Public Relations

Register Now


Full conference, December 13-16:

* ASAE member, first registrant from an association, $395 (after November 23, $425).

* Additional members from the same association (up to five), $295 (after November 23, $325).

* Nonmember, first registrant from an association, $430 (after November 23, $475).

* Additional nonmembers from the same association (up to five): $330 (after November 23, $375).

* Six or more staff people from an association in either category: $195 (after November 23, $225).

* Single-day registration: members, $180 ($195); nonmembers, $200 (after November 23, $225).

* Certificate program, December 13-16: members, $595 (after November 23, $625); nonmembers, $650 (after November 23, $675).


Call (202) 626-2841; TDD/TT (202) 626-2803. Or send your registration form to ASAE Management Conference, 1575 Eye St., N.W., Washington, DC 20005; fax (202) 371-8315.

Patricia A. Mascari is senior editor of ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT.
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