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The management board of the Macedonian Helsinki Committee.

The management board of the Macedonian Helsinki Committee laid off all employees after they revealed executive director Gordana Nestorovska's malpractice. Dnevnik learned that five legal professionals have been laid off as other three left the Committee of their own volition unsatisfied with the director's attitude to them. The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the chief financier of the organization, sent a letter to Ms Nestorovska asking her that the funds for a project be returned considering that the financiers were unsatisfied with its implementation. Mirjana Najcevska, former president of the Helsinki Committee, says that the last developments mean complete shattering of the professional core of this organization and its turning into a prejudiced and irrelevant part of the civic sector with a very dubious credibility. Najcevska says the Helsinki committee is dead as a relevant partner in the fight for human rights.
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Title Annotation:Dnevnik
Publication:Macedonian Press Digest
Date:Jan 31, 2012
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