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The man who would be King.

Monte Hellman

Film director ("Two-Lane Blacktop"); film producer ("Reservoir Dogs").

Showbiz secret: If I've never revealed it, what makes you think I'd tell you?

Wrong "fact": That Bogart ever said, "Play it again, Sam."

Most dispiriting episode: The 1979 Moscow Film Festival, at which 83-year-old King Vidor walked three blocks to the small theater where his film "Show People" was screening, while Francis Ford Coppola had numerous cars at his disposal for himself and his entourage.

Most exhilarating episode: Sitting next to Lillian Gish at the Filmex screening with full orchestra of D.W. Griffith's "Broken Blossoms."

Most underrated figure: Spanish director Victor Erice, who has made at least two motion picture masterpieces. Although he has been honored three times at the Cannes Film Festival, he and his films are almost unknown outside of Spain and barely known there.

Most overrated figure: The current flavor of the month, whoever he or she may be, who is overrated as much due to the snowball effect of high-tech PR as the lack of experience and/or memory of the raters.

Challenge facing showbiz: The change in the dynamics of the audience, from a large group of people reacting and interacting in a darkened room to several people in a home theater, or possibly one person sitting in front of a computer monitor.

Currently: Monte Hellman's current project, "Ghost of Chance," is in preparation for filming in London in the spring.

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Title Annotation:significant moments in Hollywood history
Author:Hellman, Monte
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Date:Dec 6, 1999
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